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ArtLab does the shirts for Space Coast Harley-Davidson in Palm Bay, Florida. When you buy a motorcycle you will also get one of these “I Got Mine” shirts to tell the world where you got your bike.

Sherri on her 2014 Harley Sportster

Sherri on her 2014 Harley Sportster


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Dick Catri – A memorial paddle out – ArtLab in Palm Bay prints T Shirts and Posters – Art by Phil Roberts

On June 10th, ArtLab said a final farewell to our friend Dick Catri. A memorial paddle out will be held at Sebastian Inlet State Park on the south side. Gathering at 9am with memorial service at 10am, followed by the paddle out. Phil Roberts has created & donated this beautiful art specifically for this occasion. ArtLab will be printing t-shirts. Roger Sinigoi is donating toward the cost of the shirts. We will also be donating posters with this original art and Phil will be on hand to sign them. Donations will be accepted, with all proceeds going to the family to offset the costs of this event.

In regards to the Memorial service to be held for Dick Catri this coming Saturday. The Catri family wishes to convey the following information:

Because of the influence, Dick has had on our surfing community and the responses being received Let us not FORGET!!! THIS IS A MEMORIAL SERVICE as well as PADDLE OUT!
1. Respectful of Sebastian Inlet State Park and please CAR POOL!!! So Important!!!!
2. Use you annual Park Pass if you have one.
3. Over flow Beach access parking in South Parking Area ¼ mile past the inlet entrance.
4. Inside Park be courteous to the Park Rangers and Helpers. They are Just doing their job to accommodate us for this Treasured Memorial for Dick
5. Paddle out instruction will be given at the end of the service. If you arrive during the service (10-11) PLEASE go directly to the beach as to not interrupt the service and wait for the instructions for the Paddle Out.
6. Be Great Ocean and Beach enthusiasts and Leave the inlet (our Playground) cleaner than when you arrived.
We have an amazing Surfing Community and we know this will be a successful event if we all work together.

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ArtLab Signs and T Shirts researches . . . How The T-Shirt Began! Signs, Banners and more…

T-shirts started off as underwear. During the First World War, European soldiers wore them underneath their uniforms to keep warm. American troops copied the idea and started calling them ‘T-shirts‘ because of their T shape

James Dean T Shirt

In the 1950s, movie stars like James Dean shocked the world by wearing their T-shirts as proper clothes on telly. It caught on fast and by the 1960s T-shirts had taken over. Sports teams, clubs and rock bands were all using colours and logos on their ‘tees’ to get noticed. During the 20th century, the T-shirt went from military-issue wear to an iconic fashion statement, according to the “The T-Shirt Book,” a 2002 history of the garment by Charlotte Brunel. Brunel writes that the shirt went through several mid-century phases, as a symbol of heroism worn by World War II fighters, the rebel uniform of movie icons like Marlon Brando, the socially conscious garb of the 1960s peace movement, and the in-your-face costume of the punk rock scene. The T-shirt was also a democratizing force in the military because it was worn by all ranks, a philosophy extended to the civilian world when veterans “by the likes of Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy as well as the working man” kept wearing the shirts after completing their service, Brunel said.

“In a word, the T-shirt is to clothing what the blank sheet of paper is to writing — a surface for imagination and free expression to run wild,” Brunel writes.

People are still using T-shirts to make statements. ArtLab can help you to make a statement too! Call us today for more information at 321.984.8844 or email

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ArtLab T Shirts and Signs – Printing – Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay FL

Beeker says ride safe today! Watch for Motorcycles. Don’t Drink and Drive!

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ArtLab T Shirts and Signs

ArtLab T-Shirts & Graphic Services We have been asked to make a re-order of the event T-Shirts. If you want one contact us via email They will be $20 + shipping.
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ArtLab T Shirts – Surfing – Dick Catri – Sign Printing – Palm Bay FL, Melbourne FL, Sebastian Inlet

   On June 10th the entire surfing community came together at Sebastian Inlet State Park to honor our good friend and mentor Dick Catri. Dick had passed away recently due to complications after a series of strokes. Dick was known as the Godfather of surfing on the East Coast, being the first to bring surfing to the east coast, the first to bring surf contests to the East Coast and known for developing top pro surfers in our area. Kelly Slater comes to mind. Remember that picture of young Kelly in front of Shagg’s Surf Shop, posing with the other Team Catri riders? In that photo all of those surfboards were airbrushed by ArtLabs owner Steve McElwee, and the sign over the doorway to Shagg’s Surf Shop too. Steve started his career working for Dick at his surfboard factory airbrushing the graphics on surfboards. Steve said, Dick used to tell me “make them look fast!”

Thousands of people have paid tribute to Dick and the Memorial PaddleOut at the Inlet was epic and will live on in history. To commemorate the event we wanted to do something special. Since ArtLab does T-Shirts and Signs the answer was obvious. We decided we would do a memorial T-Shirt. Roger Sinigoi owner of Stone Mosaics in Palm Bay and longtime surf friend wanted to help too and he donated some funds toward the project. Steve called on Phil Roberts, who is a first rate illustrator from Melbourne, who now lives in Newport Beach, California. You may have seen his work at the movies or on a magazine cover, his works are too numerous to name so here is a link to his website

When Steve called, Phil offered to do a commemorative piece for the PaddleOut. After all Dick Catri was the first to recognize and promote Phil’s talent too. The resulting art was so awesome! We decided to also do posters and banners for the Memorial too. With the help of Roger and Phil we donated all of the shirts and posters in Dick’s memory. Donations were accepted at the Inlet and all proceeds were given to the Catri family to offset the considerable expense to put on the Memorial that day. After the event the banners were donated to the East Coast Surf Museum and to the Catri Family. We understand one of them is on it’s way to Hawaii for a Memorial PaddleOut to be held there on the North Shore!

Over two hundred tees and one hundred posters were gobbled up on Saturday morning. Many people who arrived a little later did not get one. We have been asked to make more and we have done so. The shirts are now available at our office, Catalyst Surf Shop in Melbourne Beach and the MTB Surf Emporium in Melbourne. Posters are still available through our office only. Proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to Surfers for Autism at the request of the Catri Family and Phil Roberts.

Rest In Peace our dear friend Dick Catri 1938 -2017


ArtLab T Shirts and Signs



Let ArtLab T Shirts & Signs in Palm Bay FL Let Us Know What You Think!

Italian denim brand Replay has introduced jeans that feature a vinyl pocket equipped with a small bluetooth device. This communicates with the wearer’s smartphone via a dedicated app to easily and immediately share updates with their social networks.

Social Denim lets you quickly click the device to let people know your current location or mood. Your “happiness level” features eight different moods to choose from, ranging from positive to negative.
Prices range from $196 to $260.

Would you wear (and tweet from) these social media jeans? Tell us in the comments…


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Custom T Shirts – ArtLab T-Shirts, Signs and Graphic Services is not just a T-Shirt company

ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphic Services is not just a T-Shirt company. We provide a myriad of Graphic Services as well. ArtLab does Signs, Banners and Decals for both indoor and outdoor use. We do vehicle graphics on cars, trucks, vans, boats and even airplanes! Our banners can be small for point of purchase displays or large stadium size murals. We do short run full color decals or decals by the thousands, no decal job is too big or too small for ArtLab. We manufacture signs on various substrates, wood, aluminum, corrugated plastic and many other plastic materials for a variety of uses. Shop windows, point or purchase, political, real estate and constructions signs are among the many types of signs we do.

Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay and the beaches our full service art department can design a new logo for your business, sports team or band. With our many years of experience in the business, ArtLab can help you with marketing your products or ideas as well. After all if we help to make you a success, it is good business for us.
Hundreds of happy clients over many years will tell you that ArtLab superior customer service and attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition. All that and at a very fair price to. For signs, t-shirts, banners, decals, promotional products and much more, ArtLab is your go to, one-stop source. Great Ideas come from ArtLab T-Shirts and Signs!
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World’s #1 Promotional Piece – the Business Card – ArtLab Signs, T Shirts, Banners and more…

ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphic Services is now offering full color Business Card printing. Printed on 14pt white stock, both sides with UV coating, . . . 1000 cards for ONLY $55*!!  On new orders an Art Charge* will be added for the first order only. If we are already doing your logo for tees or signs then that will be a very minimal charge. Huge price discounts for larger quantity orders! Just ask when you are placing your business card order. Full color, UV coated, double-sided business cards, the number one way to promote yourself! ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphic Services also does Post Cards, Door Hangers, Flyers and other paper printing products. Here are three recent business card layouts.

Custom Signs - ArtLab T Shirt & Signs

Custom Signs – ArtLab T Shirt & Signs

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Art Lab T-Shirts Signs, Graphic Services and more…

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