ArtLab Sponsors Bayfront 5K9 Run & Walk in Palm Bay FL

Join ArtLab on this coming Sunday the 2nd to raise money for a cause dear to our hearts. ArtLab is sponsoring in memory of our wonderful pup Tigger whom we lost just this past week. Elvis will be there for support, come out and join us, it will be fun!
Photo: We will be dedicating our time and money in memory of Tigger whom we lost on 11/15/2012
She was a great dog and wonderful spokesdog for ArtLab. She never met a human she did not like.
Photo: The Canine Commandos will be at the Bayfront 5K9 event. Come meet these kids, they are doing great work! ArtLab donated shirts for these kids, come out and support them.
Photo: Buy a bumper sticker from them and support their caause. Of course ArtLab printed the bumper stickers.
Photo: Here is a shot of ArtLab's Chief of Security Elvis. Here he is escorting an unruly customer out the door, Lol! He's a tough guy but he will be walking in support of the shelter dogs.



CALL 321-984-8844 for details!

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